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Support Projects information

Support Projects for Overseas Adoptees

Post-adoption services are provided for overseas adoptees to adjust to their new surroundings and form
a positive identity.
Homeland Visits
  • - This helps overseas adoptees visit Korea to understand the Korean culture and history and their korean identities.
    · Visiting Korean historic sites and tourist attractions, participating in field trips and cultural events, and experiencing life
       in Korea
Korean Language Program
  • - This provides an opportunity for overseas adoptees to learn Korean and have a smooth communication with their birth families and other Korean citizens by overcoming the language barrier.
    · Taking Korean language courses offered by universities
  • - This supports a variety of events, such as seminars, symposiums and workshops, to reinforce intercultural relations by expanding the scope of interactions among adoptees.
    · Holding the International Korean Adoptee Associations (IKAA) Gathering events annually (held in Korea every 3 years)
Guest Houses for Adoptees
  • - This provides safe housing for overseas adoptees who visit Korea during their stay, while also providing an experience of the Korean traditional culture
Culture & Art Projects
  • - This provides an opportunity for local overseas adoptees to experience the Korean traditional culture, helps them form their identities, and publicize the excellence of our culture to the friends and acquaintances who accompany the adoptees.
    · The Korean Traditional Music Association

Post-adoption Service Organizations

Post-adoption Service Institutions
Name of Organization Major Businesses Contact Website
Social Welfare Society Homeland visits, Korean language
programs, search for birth families
82-2-567-8891 www.sws.or.kr
Eastern Social Welfare Society Korean language programs, partnerships
of adoptive families in Korea and overseas,
search for birth families
82-2-332-3941~5 www.eastern.or.kr
Korea Social Services search for birth families 82-2-908-9191 www.kssinc.org
Holt Children's Services Homeland visits (disabled adoptees),
Korean language programs, search for
birth families
82-2-6938-5554 www.holt.or.kr
Post-adoption Service Organizations
Name of Organization Major Businesses Contact Website
International Korean
Adoptee Service (InKAS)
Homeland visits, Korean language
programs, support of life in homeland,
guest house
82-2-3148-0258 www.inkas.org/ko
Nest Korea Homeland visits, Nest Festival 82-2-535-3217 www.nestkorea.com
KoRoot (TRACK Consortium) Guest house 82-2-3210-2451 www.koroot.org
International Korean Adoptee
Associations (IKAA)
IKAA-Gathering www.ikaa.org
The Korean Traditional Music
2013 Korean Traditional Music Class
for Overseas Adoptees
82-2-744-8051 www.kukakhyuphoe.or.kr
Global Overseas Adoptees'
Link (G.O.A.'L)
Homeland visits, support of life in
homeland, psychotherapy for adoptees
82-2-325-6585 www.goal.or.kr