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Prepaid Rechargeable Transportation Card(T-money card, Cash Bee card)

Prepaid rechargeable transportation cards can be purchased at convenience stores or some subway stations. It can be used for all kinds of public transportation such as subway buses, taxis and subways. At some convenience stores, you can use the amount charged in the card instead of cash. The purchase cost is around 2,500 won, and it is divided into 'general cards, youth cards, and children's cards'. Charging can be done in convenience stores and subway stations by 1,000 won increments. However, it is not available in some areas.

Deferred payment transportation card

A deferred payment transportation card is a transportation card issued by a credit card company.Generally, it is equipped with RF function on a check card or a credit card so that it can be used as a transportation card. The advantage of the deferred payment card is that it can be used for transportation even if there is no money right now, since the payment is made with the concept of credit rather than the concept of the balance used in prepaid rechargeable transportation cards. Also it can be used in all regions of the country

There are subways running in the Seoul metropolitan area, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju and Daejeon. Generally, the subway is 2 ~ 3 minute interval in morning and evening traffic time and 4 ~ 6 minute interval in other times. The subway fare increases according to the distance traveled from the basic fare, and the fare payment can be made by a disposable transportation card or a general transportation card (prepaid transportation card or deferred-payment card). In case of general traffic card, it can be used both on buses and subways and transfer between buses and subways is possible. On the other hand, disposable transportation cards can only be used on subways, with a deposit of 500 won upon purchase, and refunds after use.

If you transfer between bus and subway by using a transportation card in all areas where the subway operates, you can get a discount by applying the transfer plan. There are some differences in the way the discounts are applied by region, so rates may vary.

Fees may be paid in cash, but discount and transfer cannot be applied. Therefore, it is better to use a transportation card. The transportation card must always have a balance of more than one use. If the balance is insufficient, you can charge the desired amount at the bus stop or the transportation card charger in the subway.

Buses includes city buses, intercity buses and express buses. When you use the intercity bus or express bus, you must purchase the ticket in advance. It is good to check your departure time and destination before taking the bus.

How to use the city bus

Ticket machine

Ticket machine  

You pay cash or use a transportation card when you ride a bus.

Transportation cards can be purchased at stores around the stop.

The transportation fee can be charged up to a maximum amount of 50,000 won by 1,000 won

Midnight Bus (Owl Bus)

Owl bus information center (bus stop)

Owl bus information center (bus stop)  

Outside of the bus with LED light

Outside of the bus with LED light  

Diverse brand character

Diverse brand character  

It is a late-night bus that runs from midnight (12:00 night) to 4:00 am (departure point) and is operating 9 routes in Seoul.
The owl character is displayed along with the route number on the front and side LED display boards so is called 'Owl Bus' and is also called 'N Bus' with N (Night) before the number which means night.

Bus fare

Bus fare varies by bus type and passenger type. If you use a transportation card, the fare is discounted. Also, when transferring between buses and subways, the transfer fee is applied and the cost is lowered.

Town Bus


It is a small-scale bus which connects railroad station or metropolitan bus transfer base, apartment complex and other areas.

M bus (wide area express bus)

mbus(wide area express bus)

In order to ease traffic congestion in the metropolitan area and speed up commute, only 4 stops within 5km from the starting point and end point stop.

tip! Please note!

Transfer system (Touch transportation card with card terminal when boarding or getting off)
It is a system that takes place in all areas where subway and bus runs. It is a discount system where you pay the fare according to distance when you need to change the bus or change from the bus to the subway. For example, if you pay cash without using a transfer system and change the bus, you will be charged every time you ride a bus. However, if you use a transportation card to apply a transfer system, you do not need to pay extra money within 10km of the total distance, even if you change buses or subways. However, if it is more than 10km, an additional charge of 100 won is paid every 5km. There are differences in fare discount method depending on the region. It is possible to transfer within 30 minutes after getting off (within 1 hour between 9:00 pm and 7:00 am the next day).