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Post Adoption

KAS Supports Adoptees And Their Familiesfor Their Rights And Interests to be protected

Relevant Organization (Domestic) table - Post-adoption Service Institutions / Organizations, Website, Contact
Post-adoption Service Institutions / Organizations Website Contact
KAS 02-6943-2657~9
Global Overseas Adoptees' Link (G.O.A.'L) 82-2-325-6585
KoRoot 82-2-3210-2451
Nest Korea 82-2-535-3217
Korea Social Services, Inc. 82-2-908-9191
Eastern Social Welfare Society(ESWS) 82-2-552-7420
Social Welfare Society, Inc.(SWS) 82-2-332-3941~5
Holt Children's Services Inc. 82-2-331-7015
국외입양인 대상 사업 운영안내표로 기관/단체, 홈페이지, 연락처로 구성
Segment Contents Organization
Visiting home Country Program to help the adoptee establish the identity of with their mother country, such as visiting home town and cultural experiences - Eastern Social Welfare Society(ESWS)
- Eastern Social Welfare Society
- G.O.A.'L
- Holt Children's Services
- Nest Korea
Training of native language This program provides an opportunity for overseas adoptees who visit their birth country to learn Korean.
Korean language program assists them in speaking and communicating in Korean.
- Eastern Social Welfare Society(ESWS)
- Eastern Social Welfare Society
- Holt Children's Services
- Nest Korea
Support for Living in Korea Program to help overseas adoptees who want to live in Korea for a long period (Korean nationality recovery, employment, legal and financial guidance, social services, etc.) - G.O.A.'L
- Nest Korea
Support for culture & art activities Program to enhance the understanding of adoption using arts-related theme - KoRoot
Support of temporary residence to the adoptees visiting Program to offer a lodging facility to the adoptees who want to stay at mother country - KoRoot