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Post Adoption

KAS Supports Adoptees And Their Familiesfor Their Rights And Interests to be protected

Type of Adoption Programs

Counseling Services for Adoptive Families

This program assists adopted children and adoptive parents that are affected by psychological and emotional difficulties with mental health services. Its objectives are to ensure that adopted children are equipped to deal with various psychological and emotional challenges that they may experience over the course of their lifetime and adapt themselves to their adoptive families in a stable way.
It also aims at helping adoptive parents overcome psychological and emotional problems with their adopted children and enhance their capabilities as parents.
This program is designed for adoptive families that experience psychological and emotional challenges.

Adoptive Family Education

This program provides adoptive families with adoption education so that they can address a variety of adoption-related issues.
Family education improves adoptive parents' capabilities to understand the characteristics of adopted children and meet related challenges.
This program enables participants to exchange adoption-related information or opinions. It also helps adopted children develop a positive association with being adopted, and form family bonds with their adoptive parents.
Family education is conducted with various themes, including parenting information, the choice of open adoption, and adoption-related social services.

Events Assistance

This program helps adoptive parents and adoptees bond by participating in shared activities.
Events Assistance aims to strengthen the unity and fellowship of adoptive families in the form of events such as adoptive family camps, family sports days, New Year's Eve parties, and hands-on activities.
Adoptive families can meet and share activities by participating in various events and activities that can be used for establishing a network of adoptive families.

Birth Country Visits

This program helps overseas adoptees (or adoptive parents) form identities related to their (or their child’s) country of origin by giving them opportunities to visit Korea. Birth Country visits involve experiencing Korean culture and visiting tourist attractions and historic sites in Korea, contributing to developing participants’ sense of belonging as Koreans.
Participation in the homecoming events enables internationally adopted persons to improve their understanding of Korean history, culture, and society. This program is designed for any overseas adoptee who seeks hands-on experience in Korea.

Korean Language Program

This program provides an opportunity for overseas adoptees who visit their birth country to learn Korean.
Korean language program assists them in speaking and communicating in Korean. The purpose of the training program is to provide adoptees the opportunity to learn their heritage language and adjust to actual living in Korea. This program is designed for any overseas adoptee interested in learning the Korean language.

Support for Living in Korea

This program helps overseas adoptees staying in Korea for mid- to long-term periods adjust to the birth country in a stable way.
While staying in Korea, adoptees often encounter challenges involving restoration of nationality, employment, legal, and financial issues, and use of social services. This program supports social independence for overseas adoptees that choose to live in Korea. This program is designed for overseas adoptees who stay for a longer term or want to settle down in Korea.

Events Assistance (Including Culture and Art Events)

This program is offered in various formats including as a seminar, symposium, or workshop regarding the broadening of the understanding of intercountry adoption and overseas adoptees. Events Assistance assists with exhibitions and culture and art events, in which adoptees can directly participate.

Temporary Housing Assistance for Visiting Adoptees

This program provides accommodation for overseas adoptees, as the number of adoptees visiting or residing in Korea has risen.
The accommodations provided can be divided into two types: guesthouses and homestays.

  • · Guesthouses

    A guesthouse offers accommodations to overseas adoptees with an affordable rate and allows them to experience Korean culture. Each room is designed for single or double occupancy, or dormitory room. Information on guesthouses for overseas adoptees is as follows:

    Guesthouses Information List
    Name of Agency Contact Number
    International Korean Adoptee Service Inc. (InKAS) 82-2-3148-0258
    KoRoot 82-2-3210-2451
    Holt Children's Services, Inc. 82-2-6938-5550
    Eastern Social Welfare Society 82-2-3142-5821
    Social Welfare Society, Inc. 82-2-567-2341
  • · Homestays

    A homestay provides an opportunity to experience Korean culture and life. During their homestay, guests can enjoy Korean food and life and stay for extended periods of time . InKAS has introduced homestays for overseas adoptees. For more information, please call +82-2-3148-0258.