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  • Living in Korea

    Korean websites which provide with various information on Korean culture,
    language as well as accommodation, transportation and Visa.

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아이콘 아이콘
  • 섬네일이미지 섬네일이미지
    Adoption Information Disclosure

    Guidelines on Petition for Adoption Information Disclosure and application form

  • 섬네일이미지 섬네일이미지
    DNA testing

    for adoptees through Korean consulates or police stations

  • 섬네일이미지 섬네일이미지
    Agency & Organization

    which are supporting adoptees and adoptive families in Korea and providing post adoption services for Korean Adoptees.

  • 섬네일이미지 섬네일이미지
    Projects Supporting Overseas Adoptees

    Homeland Visits, Korean Language Program, Events/Conferences, Guest Houses for Adoptees and Culture&Art Projects


Birth Family Search

Adoptees and Birth Family may search
their family from our database.


Post Adoption Services

  • About Post Adoption Services GO
  • Guide Book GO

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