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KAS Supports Adoptees and Their Families

Birth Family Search

Adoptees and Birth Family may search their family from our database.



Welcome to
Korea Adoption Services

Adoption Information
Disclosure Process

4 Steps of Guidelines on
Petition for Adoption
Information Disclosure

Agency & Organization

which are supporting adoptees and adoptive families in Korea and providing post adoption services for Korean Adoptees.

Projects Supporting
Overseas Adoptees

Homeland Visits, Korean Language Program, Events/Conferences, Guest Houses for Adoptees and Culture&Art Projects

Living in Korea

Korean websites which provide with various information on Korean culture, language as well as accommodation, transportation and Visa.

Post Adoption Services

support adoptees in forming their identities and becoming healthy members of society.

82-2-6943-2654~6 (Family Search English)82-2-6943-2691 (Family Search Francais) (English) (Francais)